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2:38 PM
Dedicated to my Love

No matter how much he is muscular & stronger in strength... But by heart he is very weak..... He can fight with the world for me, But he cries When he sees a single tear in my eyes...

He is hard, He is rough, He is cruel, but there is a child in him who never wanted to grow...

He can be awake hundreds of sleepless nights for me, but when he gets tired, he needs my lap to sleep...

I Love my Man, Though I love him little, he will give a bouquet of love in return.... ♥ ♥ ♥

~ Dedicate to all the guys Out here, Like & share, Let them know u care ~

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A link to an actual web site would be a good start. While Facebook has its benefits, not everyone uses it so you're really limiting yourself by not having a self-hosted, properly designed web site available for potential readers. . . This can be simplified:. . "Received the Banneker/Key Scholarship from the University of Maryland, College Park in part due to the Language of Magic created for A Broken World and in part due to the idea behind the screenplay.". . Keep it short and simple:. . "Banneker/Key Scholarship, University of Maryland, College Park - Language of Magic and contribution to screenplay (sorry, this is terrible on my part). . I'd also remove the note about the drawings. Not something most people would care to know about the why behind it.. . Lastly:. . "When he is not focusing on school work, he often finds time to write.". . I think that is a bit obvious considering you are a writer. Give your reader a bit more background about your writing experience, what inspires you, that kind of thing.

Yaa I can feel the feeling,......... biggrin

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simply excellent....
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