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Main » 2012 » February » 18 » Simply writing..
4:40 PM
Simply writing..

Today I don’t have anything special to write but I still I want to write but still I want to write… ;-) bcus I know it’s the only way to express my feelings…

Right now I am in my room….My TV is also on but listening songs on Ipod …ahaha fully wasting electricity….okiess when I am in my room then let me describe my room a corner of my room I have dressing table…in one book shelf my two favorite teady bears are also there…some photos more my bed that is totally messed up and I am messed up with mobile, ipod lead & my book…and after all this I am writing blog on my mobile…

My mumma is cooking Chicken in kitchen…she asked me to help her in cooking but I said I am reading book ;-) … Please someone tell my mumma that one cant study till exams are not on head..

Here I am writing my new blog, listening songs aha my favorite one, watching TV and keep on observing surrounding and my thoughts also…OMG how much work I have to do…OMG please help me…Ahaha suddenly my hero came to my thought..He is telling sorry for not calling today because I had a lots of works to do..But I am missing you too much… aha I m blushing…

I got a new topic..TELEPATHY life will be very easy if we have the power of Telepathy..we can convey our thoughts and feelings and most important any message to our loved one without wasting any time through our own mind…do you believe on these kind of power…………

If I have the same then I would be always busy with my hero…no one can stop me for doing this… 

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yaa i got it very early....... tongue

oho enjoying the life did u got my telepathy msg in that i had send a lot plz rply me fast

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