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Every girl and boy have their own dreams for their life and varying girl to girl and boy to boy…We both have a big dream for us, No, not big its toooo biigggggg ;-)
hehehehe…. for us its our biggest dream.

We have planed to purchase a flat in Ghaziabad..Hey please don’t think that this is my biggest dream, No not et. all. My dream is beyond this. When we get possession of house the we will give a big party for our all friends who knows about  our relation and who dose not.

In that party he will propose me for marriage i ... Read more »

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a city girl from Delhi and her new friend Vangelis from Greece are
enjoying cup of coffee together and having fun…  ;)

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Earlier, I used to think that I am more practical than emotional. I don't trust in Love and love stories..My mind will always says me that love is made only for movies and TV programs..and not a single emotion of love can touch me because this is not possible in real life..

You may think like that I have created a cocoon in which a single emotion of LOVE can't enter in my heart because I think that Love only hurts and this cocoon became my original thought.....

Without my knowledge I loved all those things which does not exist in real life in my point of view..I forget that this is only a cocoon which I created to protect me from LOVE fee ... Read more »
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Its 12:50 am and I am not even feeling sleepy & not getting sleep so thought of expressing my current mood… ;-)

These days I am talking to a new friend who is far away from me and even from my culture..our language is different but we communicate in Hindi my mother tongue but not his …

He is a good person by nature, more understanding.. he was with me at that time when every one left me on my own condition… I don’t know why he came in my life but I think we have some old connection…may be old connection of friendship or may be any other one…That I can’t say only God knows what it is…

He knows ever ... Read more »

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Today is 31st Dec 2011..Atlast, this year came to an end. I remember very well on how my Love wished me for Last New Year.. I just feel like it happened yesterday night. Days had passed like anything.. Although, everyday is a new day in life but We expect something different in this kind of special day. Love is all about expecting the same Love from your Loved one. I am not an exception to that. But my Love is very formal, so I didn’t expect anything from him..So I decided to wish him before he do or forget..:-)

At 12am, I just picked my phone to call him but my phone started ringing and I was shocked. That was him only. He called me to wish for new year ..and at that time ... Read more »

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I went to Nainital in September month this year for a work. I was free on that day from 10:30 am in the morning and even I don’t have anything to do and my return reservation was only at 8pm. Many questions raised in my mind like, What to do in that big day? How can I spent my whole day alone? I don’t have any answers for all that questions. Slowly I have started to walk on the street with a big bag in my hand.

Suddenly, I saw a boy sitting in Activa (Scooty) and was starring at me. I just walked towards him and when I almost reached him, he said "Where are you going?” … I said "Nainital”…and I asked him inturn "Where are you going?” and he replied me as "I am going to poly”…and he offered me lift in his bike. I didn’t said a word bu ... Read more »

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