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No matter how much he is muscular & stronger in strength... But by heart he is very weak..... He can fight with the world for me, But he cries When he sees a single tear in my eyes...

He is hard, He is rough, He is cruel, but there is a child in him who never wanted to grow...

He can be awake hundreds of sleepless nights for me, but when he gets tired, he needs my lap to sleep...

I Love my Man, Though I love him little, he will give a bouquet of love in return.... ♥ ♥ ♥

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Every child in this world, especially a girl will be grown up with lots of fairy tales...In that age, every girl thinks herself as beautiful fairy and starts imagining that a prince will come on white horse in her life and take her with him....She used to live in her own imaginary world..She plays with her dolls and kitchen set that she has and make her home in her own world…

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I am writing my new feeling of a girl’s life..I think every girl wait for the movement when suddenly her immaturity converts in maturity..I am talking about MOTHERHOOD..I thinks that you may wonder that why today I am writing about motherhood..

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This article written by Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway teaches an important lesson about love--Love Yo ... Read more »
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From the last three days, I am just trying to write something but I felt like I am puzzled. I am totally confused about the angle, I should narrate the same so that everyone could have the interest to read it...But I could not find the way..I tried to write it thrice but failed..And now, I found the way to write in the way that I should write...

From last few days, I am trying to describe how we met each other...Lol. It sounds like "Jab We Met", a Bollywood movie name.. Actually, I was not clear on what title I should give to this bolg and but I got a perfect title now "Jab We Met"....describing how we met in blog. I feel, it’s very difficult to express but I will try picturize my level best.

First I got his contact through the outdated social networking site (Orkut), then we contacted via mobile and then started to date...After few days, he told me that he is going to describe about our fist meet.
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Although I have lots of moments which give a beautiful smile on my face…but today I want to share my one of best moment of my life. Sometime when I look back in my memory album my smile come on my face without knocking the door of my heart…really heart touching…I could not stop myself. ;-)

One day my lover called me and said when he was traveling by bus he was on window seat and on another seat an uncle was there and he slept after some time. Suddenly he felt like I am on his side and unknowingly he offered his shoulder to uncle for rest. After that he realizes that I am not with him and felt bad. We both love traveling so most of the time I used to rest on his shoulder while traveling long..

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After a long time I met with my everything…I was very happy to see him again..This was also reflecting on his face..He was keep on saying that he missed me a lot…He went to his native place to meet his parents and have to some work there also..

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February is HERE!!!!
The Month of LOVE!!!!Ba-by!

So what are you're plans this Valentine's Day. Do you have a girlfriend, boyfriend or spouse that you want to surprise, but you're not sure what to do? Or do you ready have ... Read more »
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A little jealousy is healthy in a relationship,
its always good to know that someone is afraid to lose you. . 

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It has been awhile, running & walking. I'm not sure whether i should stop, the unknown worries me.

Would you stand by me forever.. *listening I can be your hero baby* :)

Tell me, when to stop running away, let me rest on your shoulders. maybe someday, mhmm :)
Views: 299 | Added by: acitygirl | Date: 25 Jan 2012 | Comments (2)

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