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♥ I don't want another Cinderella story .. I don't even want a Twilight story .. All I want is you & me .. Me & you .. Together .. Our own story .. Our own happy ending .. !! ♥♥
My articles | Views: 381 | Author: Monica | Added by: acitygirl | Date: 27 Feb 2012 | Comments (0)

hey friends!!!!!!!!!!

I am writing this letter because I really wants to say thanx to my all friends who came in my life and make my life precious...

Deepankar Benerjee who made my vision clear.. Vijay Sabapathi who editing my blogs because I am not good in english also supports me in my bad situations...Neelam who always act as a mirror with me...Ohh I have a big list of my friends....

Following is my a poem for my all precious friends...
Love you my friendssssssssss
My articles | Views: 414 | Added by: acitygirl | Date: 24 Jan 2012 | Comments (1)